About Us

What Sets Us Apart?

At Green Line our goal is to give the best options for each individual customer based off their needs (not ours). Whether its a simple maintenance, safety inspection, or repair to get you started again. Maybe you have decided it's time to replace your current heating and cooling system. We will always be honest and give you the best options and information so you can make the best decision. We always try to use OEM parts and often catch small preliminary problems when we perform our tune ups and inspections, which saves you expensive future repairs and replacements. We use high end brands and pay our installers, service technicians, and electricians above industry standards. We understand proper sizing, airflows and proper installation are just as important as the brand used, but both together make for lasting system life spans and decrease the complication rates of equipment.

Our Electrical and HVAC departments here at Green Line can be your trusted "go to" company that keeps your home humming along.